Southern Indiana Education Center

Judy Bueckert


At the Southern Indiana Educational Service Center, we are excited about the work we do. Supporting our superintendents, designing and implementing professional development that is on-site and in keeping with the needs of our individual schools and teachers, growing our leadership; these are all things that we keep foremost in our thinking and planning every day.  We look to the future of our schools as well, so that we are prepared and ready to meet needs as they arise. 

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Professional Development


See a complete listing of our valuable workshops along with other services we offer.

SIEC Career Specialist Pedogogy Program

If you are working professional who aspires to share your knowledge and passion with high school students, the Career Specialist Permit is a path to consider. The Career Specialist Permit is a renewable two-year permit that allows an individual to teach a specific content area at the secondary level. Click above for more information!