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"I have to tell you how wonderful this book (Book Love) has been already in the first two weeks of school for my students! I have never seen so many students reading, and they even asked if they could earn extra time reading if they won a competition. It has been wonderful so far. Thank you again for purchasing this for all of us! I am excited to get together again with the group."

Courtney Hopf, PrincipalNortheast Dubois Elementary SchoolFormer Composition, Literature, Speech, and College Prep Teacher at Northeast Dubois High School

"The professional development that I have attended over the years at SIEC has helped me to become a more informed and effective educator. In addition, the opportunities to network with colleagues through council meetings and networking sessions has been some of the best PD I have ever participated in. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow as an educator through my relationship with the SIEC."

Jimmy Ellis, SuperintendentOrleans Community School Corporation

"The SIEC is a great resource for all educators in southern Indiana. The staff provides engaging trainings on relevant topics that directly impact instruction and classroom practice."

Ryan Haas, PrincipalPine Ridge Elementary School

"As a new administrator in Southwest Indiana, I quickly learned the true value of the Southern Indiana Education Center. The professional development offered is extremely diverse, and provides multiple opportunities for any and all faculty members to meet their own personal goals, while also growing in the needs and goals of the school as a whole. We are very fortunate to be a member of the SIEC!"

Tyler Lemen, PrincipalForest Park Jr/Sr High School

"I am impressed by (the SIEC's) dedication to rigorous teaching and learning practices for our students in this area of the state. I have been given the necessary materials and opportunities to grow my understanding of my own curriculum through the activities that I have been involved in creating for the Center. I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to many more collaborations."

Deena Wickliffe, Science TeacherLinton-Stockton High School

"I encourage our teachers and administrators to attend professional development offered through the SIEC. They work hard to ensure that we have the resources that we need and go to great lengths to find professional development opportunities to fit our needs."

Kyle Jones, PrincipalMount Vernon High School