SIEC Showcase

Knowing that we have had an impact on our school districts is important to us.

ELL Conference 2018

Teachers, administrators, district office staff, and ESL specialists all gathered to learn, connect, and apply great ideas and supports for their all students, including English Language Learners! Dr. Jeff Zwiers, Dr. Annela Teemant, Erin Trowbridge, Debbie Gries, Tonya Schepers, Nicole Leach, and Julie Monetta all provided excellent information and resources to think on, plan, and apply next steps. Next year's SIEC ELL Conference...September 26, 2019!

Dr. Zwiers: Authentic Classroom Communication
Dr. Zwiers: Ideas for Classroom Conversations
Dr. Teemant: Preparing Every Teacher for English Learners
Nicole Leach: Dual Language Immersion
Tonya Schepers: Co-Teaching for ELs
A few of our awesome participants during a keynote!
Erin Trowbridge: Adrift at Sea--What to Do When There is No EL Specialist to Consult at your School!
Julie Monetta: Brain-Based Instruction for ELLs
Debbie Gries: Supporting Your ELLs Through Family Engagement

Blended Learning: Elementary Math

Teacher's from North Lawrence School Corporation collaborate after a day of learning how to begin implementing Blended Learning into their Math classes.