Workshop Policies

  • Registrants who notify the SIEC of their cancellation on or before the registration deadline will not be required to pay the registration fee.

  • Registrants who cancel after the registration deadline but before the workshop date, or cancel the day of the workshop may be required to pay a partial fee, due to arrangements with food services, etc.

  • Registrants who neglect to call or notify the SIEC of their cancellation will be responsible for paying the full registration fee.

  • The SIEC reserves the right to cancel or change the location of sessions. We will notify registrants as soon as possible when such a decision is made.

  • The SIEC Workshops and Trainings may only be attended by accredited Public and Private School Employees. The sessions are not offered to outside consultants/businesses.

  • For registrations received after the deadline, the SIEC cannot guarantee handouts.

  • Any cancellations or delays will be posted on Workshop Cancellations