SIEC Videos on Demand

Our SIEC On Demand Collaborative Learning Initiatives are designed to be asynchronous, virtual experiences accompanied by guidance and protocols for both principals and/or teacher leaders to lead and engage in the learning collaboratively. We are confident this approach lends itself to a more solid, sustained professional learning experience either within a building, or across a district. Allowing teachers and leaders time to process new learning, to apply, to share and collaborate around the results is essentially the best possible professional development. Additionally, we always build in an optional coaching component at any interval you choose. This can be as light as a one-time check-in to receive questions and guidance, or as comprehensive as on-going interactive support.

The "why" behind every new professional learning development at SIEC has at its roots - "the very thing that will help schools grow professional in the most effective and efficient manner." So, we spend lots of creative time working around our "why" and we enjoy it very much.

Video On Demand Policies