Personalized Professional Development

Share your needs or concerns and based upon that, an onsite Professional Development program will be built to suit your needs.

This is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to grow in ways specific to their individual needs. Would you like to have a greater understanding of student engagement, checking for understanding, or any of those domains that are used in your evaluation rubric? It can be done.

This is private, personalized, professional development. A member of the SIEC Cadre will meet with you personally to determine your needs and the methods in which you learn best. In this initiative, you will be given professional readings, video clips, and professional support to assist you along the way. If you would like for your coach to come observe you in your classroom…make recommendations…whatever works best for you. It can happen.

Teachers with like-needs may also choose to work in groups and to grow as a learning community.

This will span a semester to ensure that you are confident and on your way in the area(s) you choose for your professional growth.

One semester: $325 - $525 varies with teacher needs. GROUP RATES AVAILABLE! This effort can be funded personally,or by the school corporation.

Professional Growth Points: 20 - 30 (if all work is complete)

For more information, contact Judy Bueckert, Executive Director