Best Practices

Think of how meaningful it would be to have training in highly effective instructional strategies for your teachers right on-site and built into their school day

For this initiative we have designated 6-8 total contact hours per teacher group. These are done in 1 ½ - 2 hour sessions at a time allowing you the ideal situation of rotating groups of teacher/substitutes throughout your building. These sessions reflect Domains 1 & 2 of the RISE Teacher Evaluation Rubric.

While this is designed for teachers, principals will also want to attend at least one session each day the presenter is there. This helps teachers and principals understand and use the language of best practice strategies and will be extremely helpful for principals to give actionable feedback. At the end of each visit, the presenter will leave guidance as to how teachers may move forward before the next session, encouraging those skills of a well-functioning PLC.

There must be at minimum 2-3 weeks between each visit. This allows time for teachers to process and utilize strategies in their classrooms. They will be able to communicate with the presenter between sessions for support if needed.

Knowing the sessions will have greater impact if delivered in 1 ½ hr. segments dealing with one piece of the rubric at a time, your district can schedule whatever is appropriate to utilize your substitutes between grade levels or disciplines. Many scenarios are possible here. So, create your ideal schedule and then discuss with your presenter.

Total number of sessions to complete Effective/Highly Effective Instructional Best Practices for Teachers/Principals: 6 – 8 contact hrs. per teacher group conducted in 1 ½ - 2 hr. sessions

Cost: $1050 per day, plus mileage

Contact: Judy Bueckert