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If you are an SIEC member school and have would like to be apart of this series, or have been approached to be featured in this manner, the following information will help you decide if you would like to participate.

  1. Are you willing to be video recorded?
  2. Here are some questions you might be asked:
    • What is the intent of this effort?
    • What is your goal?
    • How will you know when you have reached your goal?
    • What need existed that put you intentionally on this path?
    • What have you accomplished thus far? Or, what are you most proud of?
    • What recommendations would you give schools who may decide to take this same journey?
  3. Are you willing to be contacted by other schools? This can be filtered by SIEC or your principal, or designee.
  4. Are you willing to share resources with others? This would be posted along with your feature.

Please contact DeAnne Taggart with ideas, comments, or questions.